Slipping Into Darkness (Demo)

by Chris Bass

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About the forces that oppress. During the Defenders days, this was a verse sent to coXster to use on his as yet unreleased LP. He sent the beat over for verses and got a chorus in the bargain.


The World is Slipping into Darkness
The World Slipping into Darkness

This was supposed to be the Age of Light
But greed has turned our Day to Night
We got played it was Half-Life
Political Power the Knife
Corruption the Hand backstabbing Us
Backtracking right into the Dark-Ages
The Winds of Change blowing pages of Chapters in Reverse
Call out the Sages
The True Leaders if you fight for Right
it's time to shine like Sunlight because the World needs us
instead of this current crop of bottom-feeders and d__beaters
Soul-eaters, third-world bleeders, throne seaters
'Cause they treat us like they don't need us
try to rise and organize they're using money to defeat us
and the depths of their villiany's killin' me, distillin' the
Tyrannosaurus-type Titanic Tyranny
Spillin' the blood of Innocents
Humans /Animals
Killin' their own kind and eat us up like Cannibals
and spit us out...there's no doubt
as we're gettin'' deeper into Darkness gettin' harder just to get out
Opened a Pandora's Box and what you let out
is comin' back like a Boomerang BANG put your head out
Set out to do what I'm gonna do smashing through
for the light and the Evil Types on the follow-through
I got a Baseball Bat o' Lyricism
My styles not Cricket-It's criticism of colonialism
Play the Rules? Why should WE? When THEY don't
Letter of the Law just Justice sticking in our throats
We're choking on the Bitter Pill
You say that money makes the world go 'round but it'll make it stand still
and when it's polluted nothing left to eat
it doesn't matter 'bout the size of your feet we'll all be in the same boat
it's time you people started thinking when the Ship's Sinking....
Your Stash of Cash is NO GOOD
I'm checking the weaponry leveled at me
Treating' me like a secondary-citizen for yelling' the heat
is coming up all around us, we're in the Deep End
but Bass and Fatface stand up to defend
coXster stands with us in this ray of light
against the Armies of the Night we're prepared to fight
and you can Jest but I suggest you start to hark this
and help us out of this hole- we're slipping into Darness.


released September 24, 2015
Beat by coXster
Lyrics Vocals, Recording and Mix by Chris Bass



all rights reserved


Chris Bass Adelaide, Australia

Performing literally 100s of gigs both in Adelaide & interstate from the early 1990s and appearing in over 30 releases as musician, lyricist or producer, Chris Bass should need no introduction.
First hip-hop crew 9th Circle 1992.
Bands: Capital F, Bliss, Chimera#9, Crisp, Loaded Zilla and more.
2003 - Defenders -DJ Snair & Flak released "Self Defence" in 2004. Now solo MC w. collaborators.
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